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The Texas A&M University Department of Computer Science and Engineering industry capstone program framework includes a process for initiating and approving a project request. See the framework below. Once approved, teams of four to five students from the department are supervised by both faculty and industry mentors.

The graphic is a breakdown of the steps taken for a project request submitted to the department's industry capstone program.

Process to initiate and approve project request:

  • Industry submits a project request.
  • Request goes through initial review and refining of scope.
  • Faculty mentors evaluate and match request with student teams.
  • Approval of project request
  • Project begins as a collaboration between industry, faculty and student teams, playing different roles.

Project roles:

  • Industry
    • Sponsor
    • Mentor
    • Technical subject matter expert and point of contact for the company
  • Faculty
    • Mentor
    • Subject matter expert in specific areas of focus. Examples of focus areas are: data science, cybersecurity, machine learning, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and robotics.
  • Student Team
    • Developers of innovative solutions