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The information below applies to students in catalog 126 and later. Students in earlier catalogs have less restrictive rules.

The allowed substitutions for POLS 206/207 by common course number can be complex because they have to satisfy specific requirements set in the Texas Education Code. Different educational institutions in the state have distributed the required material differently in their course offerings. Consequently, there are some combinations of classes that will not satisfy the requirements.

The Coordinating Board, which sets the policies implementing the requirements, says that any of the following five combinations of classes are allowed (GOVT classes are from the common course number list and POLS classes from the Texas A&M University list):

  1. (GOVT 2305 or POLS 206) plus (GOVT 2306 or POLS 207)
  2. GOVT 2301 plus GOVT 2302
  3. GOVT 2301 plus (GOVT 2306 or POLS 207)
  4. GOVT 2301 plus (GOVT 2305 or POLS 206)
  5. GOVT 2302 plus (GOVT 2305 or POLS 206)

The following combination does not satisfy the requirement and cannot be approved without an additional class:

  1. GOVT 2302 plus (GOVT 2306 or POLS 207) (does not include study of U.S. Constitution)

The Coordinating Board says that combination six can be made satisfactory by the addition of a GOVT 2107 (one hour) course providing the required constitutional content. Searching for this course by common course number only turns up Tyler Junior College. However, our dean's office has indicated that for the present they also will accept combination six along with The University of Texas course GOV 105 (Texas Government, one credit hour) to satisfy the Texas A&M POLS 206 + 207 requirement. Information on this course, which can be taken by correspondence.

Make an appointment with an advisor if you need to request credit for any of the combinations other than number one (the normal case at Texas A&M). We will need to file a petition with the registrar's office to make this request.