Biomedical Engineering: 50 years at Texas A&M, 1972-2022.

Celebrating 50 Years: 1972-2022

For the past 50 years, biomedical engineering at Texas A&M has innovated, educated and led advances in the field. While the department has grown and adapted over the years, we continue to achieve success in our goal of impacting health outcomes. See how we celebrated this exciting milestone below!

Honor the Past, Celebrate the Future

The department hosted a comprehensive series of events in fall 2022 to celebrate this major anniversary. Read more about these activities.

From the creation of our program to our 3,000th graduate, check out some of our milestones from 1972-2022.

Our explosive growth in the last 50 years means an increased need for scholarships to recognize deserving students. Learn how you can help!

Remembering the Past

1974 The first graduating class consisted of 6 students, who walked the stage on May 11, 1974.
2022 149 bachelor’s degrees have been awarded in 2022.

Biomedical engineering at Texas A&M has been leading innovation in the field for the past 50 years. We are excited for what the next 50 will bring.

Dr. Mike McShane, department head

50 Years of Biomedical Engineering