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The following courses may be used to satisfy the Life Science Elective requirement on BMEN Ph.D. degree plans. If you wish to take a course that is not on this list, you must petition the Director of Graduate Programs through your committee chair in order to make that request. 

BICH 601. Fundamentals of Biochemistry I. Credit 3

BICH 603. Principles of Biochemistry & Biophysics. Credit 3

BIOL 414. Developmental Biology. Credit 3

BIOL 609. Molecular Tools in Biology. Credit 3

BIOL 612. Fundamental Molecular Cell Biology. Credit 3

BIOL 613. Cell Biology. Credit 3 

BIOL 627/NRSC 601. Principles of Neuroscience I. Credit 3

BMEN 636 Pathophysiology of Systemic Diseases Augmented with Implantable Devices. Credit 3

BMEN 637 Pathological Basis of Implantable Devices. Credit 3

BMEN 689 Immunology Principles and Engineering Applications

CHEM 630 Bioorganic Chemistry. Credit 3

CHEM 640 Laboratory Methods in Biological Chemistry. Credit 3

CHEM 670 Physical Methods in Biological Chemistry. Credit 3

CHEM 672 Bioorganic Reaction Mechanisms. Credit 3

KINE 637. Exercise Physiology I. Credit 3

MSCI 601. Contemporary Topics in Advanced Cell Biology I. Credit 5

MPHY 613. Medical Physiology I. Credit 5

MPHY 618. Cardiovascular System. Credit 3

VIBS 602. Histology. Credit 4

VIBS 611. Tumor Cell Biology and Carcinogenesis. Credit 3

VTMI 649/POSC 649. Immunology. Credit 3

VTPP 605. Systemic Veterinary Physiology I. Credit 5

VTPP 606. Systemic Veterinary Physiology II. Credit 5

VTPP 623 Biomedical Physiology I. Credit 4

VTPP 657. Cardiovascular Physiology. Credit 4

VTMI 663/MPIM 663. Molecular Biology of Viruses. Credit 3

Courses that Will Not Satisfy the Life Science Requirement

 *Note: Although these courses cannot be used to satisfy the Life Science Elective requirement, they are still valuable courses which can be taken as regular electives or in addition to the minimum degree plan requirements. 

BIOL 608 Theory and Applications of Light Microscopy. Credit 3

CHEM 610 Organic Reactions. Credit 3

VTMI 650/POSC 660. Experimental Immunology. Credit 4

VTPP 677 Fluorescence Detection: Steady State, Time Resolved and Imaging. Credit 4