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What is the biomedical engineering co-op program?

The biomedical engineering co-op program enables students to gain career-related work experience prior to graduation, providing them with a distinct advantage when entering the job market.

What are the benefits of co-op?

Students who participate in the program gain professional work experience and earn a salary; increase their understanding of classroom theory; retain their full-time student status while working; and develop confidence and professional skills.

Recent BMEN co-op opportunities include: 

How to apply to the co-op program

Complete the following steps and submit the required paperwork to the Cooperative Education Office in Koldus 209. Through this process, students will be registered with the co-op office.

  1. Read and sign the statement of ethics.
  2. Purchase one Texas A&M transcript from Heaton Hall.
  3. Complete co-op résumé and degree plans online.
    To log in: 
    • Click "Step 1: Download Template"
    • Enter resume and degree plans using the template provided.
  4. Complete online registration data.
    • Click "Step 2: Continue with registration." Upload your résumé and degree plans.
  5. Submit registration data, résumé and degree plans by clicking on "Submit Registration Data to Cooperative Education" and check back for acceptance.

What are the steps after being accepted?

  1. Attend a co-op orientation (to see the updated orientation schedule, please visit Career Center's Orientations and Workshops).
  2. Meet with the BMEN advising office (staff co-op adviser) for signatures on degree plans and GPR approval form if GPR is less than 2.5.

    Faculty adviser reviews each degree plan for:
    • courses listed in appropriate semesters,
    • timing of work terms (i.e., not working summers only),
    • number of work terms is a minimum of two.
  3. Print hard copies of both degree plans. The BMEN advising office (979.845.5532) must sign and date both degree plans.
  4. Call Brad Collet at 979.845.7725 to make an appointment with the co-op office.
  5. At the time of the scheduled appointment, bring to the co-op office:
    • Statement of Ethics
    • Resume
    • List of References (if mentioned on resume)
    • Signed Degree Plans
    • Original Transcript
  6. Conduct a job search with help of biomedical engineering job coordinator and co-op adviser.
  7. When a job offer is received, please respond in time allotted by employer, and do not consider other offers once an offer is accepted.
  8. Register for the co-op course in the co-op office and pick up assignment packet and report guidelines.
  9. Attend a work skills seminar.
  10. Pay tuition and fees.
  11. Report to work dressed professionally/business casual (unless other attire has been noted beforehand).
  12. Submit the technical report and a copy of the work experience evaluation to the instructor of record and BMEN advisor, Eileen Hoy, by the deadline stated in the syllabus. 
  13. Submit addendum online via Career Center account and submit a hard copy of the work experience evaluation to the co-op office by the given deadline.
  14. Register during early registration for the upcoming semester with assistance from the BMEN academic advisor.
  15. Turn in the student evaluation of the co-op experience to the co-op office.

How to apply for second and third terms

Send a return-to-work letter to the company confirming start date, location, etc., for the next work term and repeat the steps above, beginning at step 10. Any changes in degree plan or work sequence must be approved by co-op adviser and faculty co-op adviser.

After completing 52 weeks (three work terms) of co-op, students can apply for a co-op certificate at the beginning of the semester in which they will graduate.

For additional information

Contact the BMEN advising office at 979-845-5532. Students interested in finding a co-op are encouraged to register with the co-op office. They also may visit the Career Center's website for additional information.