Your stories are our legacy.

Oral History Project - Aggie Legacies: Engineers Through the Years

Our legacy began with YOU, our Aggie engineers. You have shaped the Texas A&M University College of Engineering through your hard work, dedication and perseverance to change the world.

That is why we are excited to partner with Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) on the Oral History Project to hear about your time as an engineering student at Texas A&M. From finding love in Aggieland to standing with the 12th Man, and everything in between, these significant moments have cemented your legacy and will last for generations to come. Your stories will be recorded, transcribed and, along with submitted photos, published as a book that will be available to purchase. If you purchase a book, then you will also have the option to purchase exclusive College of Engineering former student merchandise.


Ready to Share Your Story?

Please call PCI directly at (877) 531-4216, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (CT) or Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (CT).

Story Ideas Include

Student Life

Love in Aggieland

Lifelong Friendships


Aggie Heritage

Inspiring Excellence

Aggie Innovators


The 12th Man

Other (“Moments in Time”)

How It Works

If you haven’t already, you will receive a postcard and email from PCI on our behalf with the invitation to discuss your legacy. See the images below for a close example of what your email and post card from PCI will look like.

Visual examples of what the PCI Engineering Legacies campaign email and postcard will look like. Each material will have the title "Oral History/Former Student Data Project" on them and be addressed by Texas A&M University College of Engineering.
This is a visual of what our campaign email and postcard will look like.

Frequently Asked Questions