Research Themes: 

  • Radiation tolerant cladding materials 
  • Advanced fuel fabrication methods
  • Advanced radiation detector
  • Advanced neutron generator
  • Nuclear waste behavior, monitoring and processing
  • Aerosol research
  • Multi-scale modeling of materials degradation under extreme conditions


  • Developing fabrication methods and evaluating the performance of novel nuclear fuel forms
  • Alloys: U-Zr and U-Mo
  • Ceramic: UO2-BeO composite
  • Dispersion: Metal matrix alloys and barrier coating methods
  • Characterized the metallurgy of U-Zr and U-Mo alloy fuels
  • Developed swelling resistant metallic and ceramic materials
  • Developed multi-scale modeling codes to understand damage evolution caused by fission fragments
  • Developed bendable neutron detection sheets

Total research expenditures fiscal year 2016: Over $5.4 million