Research Themes: 

  • Nuclear reactor safety
  • Nuclear reactor and system analysis and optimization 
  • Validation and uncertainty of CFD codes
  • Sub-channel analysis of advanced fuel designs
  • HTR thermal hydraulics and reactor physics
  • Small modular reactors
  • Integration of PRA and best estimate codes
  • Loading optimization for current and advanced reactors
  • Flow visualization in complex reactor geometries (PIV)
  • Data uncertainty validation and uncertainties
  • Advanced reactor instrumentation
  • 3-dim study of two-phase flows
  • Core hot-spot prediction
  • Studies in response to critical industry needs


  • Published results on gas/liquid flooding in large diameter tubes
  • Published results on modeling condensation heat transfer
  • Published integrated system evaluation results for HTRs
  • Developing evaluation capabilities for HTR’s (NRC)
  • Integrated code system for advanced systems (SNL)
  • First-of-a-kind three-dim fuel management and instrumentation 

Total research expenditures fiscal year 2016: Over $4.3 million