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American Nuclear Society

The Texas A&M student section of American Nuclear Society (ANS) supports the academic, professional, and social development of its members. Meeting dates are available on the website calendar and sent out to the department's email listservs.
ANS hosts speakers from nuclear industry and government as well as professional development activities, workshops, student socials, and intramural sports teams. 
If you are interested in joining ANS, information on paying dues is available on our website. Come join us!
American Nuclear Society

Health Physics Society

The Health Physics Society (HPS), formed in 1956, is a scientific organization of professionals who specialize in radiation safety. Its mission is to support its members in the practice of their profession and to promote excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety.

Health physics is a rigorous scientific discipline requiring fundamental abilities in mathematics (minimally at the level of differential equations), chemistry (including organic and biochemistry), physics with emphasis on radiation physics, and biology spanning the subdisciplines like anatomy, physiology, zoology, and botany. Health physics is perhaps the ideal profession for someone with many interests who has strong analytical and communication skills.

Institute of Nuclear Material Management

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) is the ideal forum for interacting with leaders in nuclear materials management in industry, government, academia, and international organizations throughout the world.

The INMM provides effective leadership and professional development in the field of nuclear materials management. Membership provides opportunities to learn the best approaches and procedures for implementing all aspects of nuclear materials management. Members participate in the advancement of nuclear materials management through technical paper presentations, technical division and committee work, and standards development.


Nuclear Engineering Student Advisory Council

The purpose of the Nuclear Engineering Student Advisory Council (NESAC) is to provide timely and regular input and feedback throughout the year, addressing issues in curriculum, advising, research environment, professional development, and various initiatives as needed. Officers are to serve as liaisons between faculty and the student body.

NESAC will have 16 members: two from each undergraduate class, three graduate students and the organization presidents (ANS, HPS, INMM, WIN,  and Alpha Nu Sigma Honor Society, respectively). Each year, a chairperson is elected to lead. 

You must be elected to join, but membership is free.

Women In Nuclear

The Texas A&M chapter of Women in Nuclear (WiN) is part of an extensive national organization that focuses on certain objectives. Together we will support an environment in nuclear energy and nuclear technologies in which women and men are able to succeed, provide a network through which the women in these fields can further their professional development, and provide an organized association through which the public is informed about nuclear energy and nuclear technologies.

One of WiN's main goals is to support the recruitment of young people into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. 

Women in Nuclear