Nuclear Security & Nonproliferation


Research Themes: 

  •  Proliferation risk analysis
  •  Safeguards systems and instrument development
  •  Combating nuclear terrorism
  •  Nuclear forensics and attribution
  •  Arms control
  •  Ensuring the peaceful use of nuclear energy


  • First university to mount and record radiation data from a crane used in port operations
  • Developed SINRD detector with Los Alamos National Lab for testing by International Actomic Energy Agency
  • Developed the SHIELD framework to interdict HEU at borders
  • Developed PRAETOR tool and latency method for proliferation risk analysis
  • GNEII program cited by White House as the fifth most important United States science and technology activity in the Middle East
  • Methodology for determining which states will develop nuclear capabilities
  • International research and education: India, Russa, Switzerland, UAE, England

Total Research Expenditures FY16: Over $467 thousand