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Research Themes

  • Nuclear security & proliferation risk analysis
  • Safeguards systems analysis and instrument development
  • Combating nuclear terrorism
  • Nuclear forensics and attribution
  • Arms control and treaty verification
  • Ensuring the peaceful use of nuclear energy


  • First university to mount and record radiation data from a crane used in port operations
  • Developed SINRD detector with Los Alamos National Lab for testing by International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Developed the SHIELD framework to interdict HEU at borders
  • Made the first quantitative measurement of Pu in used nuclear fuel with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Developed capability for bench-scale PUREX reprocessing of plutonium for nuclear forensics applications
  • Developed the PRAETOR tool and latency method for proliferation risk analysis
  • Performed nuclear forensics analysis on weapons-grade plutonium samples employing PUREX combined with ICPMS and gamma spectrometry
  • Devised a safeguards system concept for pebble-fueled high-temperature gas-cooled reactors.
  • Developed a new technique for analyzing Pu K x-rays for nuclear forensics applications using a bent-crystal spectrometer.
  • Performed proliferation resistance/safeguards analysis of the Fast Breeder Reactor fuel cycle.
  • Developed a portable gamma radiation portal monitor specifically designed for the scanning of livestock.
  • Devised methodology for determining which states will develop nuclear capabilities
  • Performed innovative N-terrorism pathways analysis to boost the efficacy of defense.
  • Developed dynamic agent-based modeling using the Bayesian framework for addressing intelligent adaptive nuclear nonproliferation analysis.
  • International research and education: India, Russia, Switzerland, UAE, England, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Jordan
  • GNEII program cited by White House as the fifth most important United States science and technology activity in the Middle East


Craig Marianno

  • Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering
  • Interim Director, Center for Nuclear Security Science and Policy Initiatives (NSSPI)
  • Affiliated Faculty, Multidisciplinary Engineering
Craig Marianno

Siegfried Hecker

  • Professor of Practice, Nuclear Engineering
  • Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Center for Nuclear Security Science and Policy Initiatives
  • Member, National Academy of Engineering
Siegfried Hecker

Warren "Pete" Miller

  • Professor of Practice, Nuclear Engineering
  • Member, National Academy of Engineering
  • Office: 404 AI Engineering Building
  • Phone: 505-362-1180
  • Email:
Warren "Pete" Miller

Farheen Naqvi

  • Research Assistant Professor
Farheen Naqvi