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Research Themes

  • Diagnostic radiology physics
  • Radiation detection
  • Radiation therapy and radiobiology
  • Proton and heavy ion therapy
  • Nuclear nanotechnologies
  • Effects of cosmic rays on electronics
  • High-energy, heavy-ion microdosimetry
  • Nuclear oncology and internal dosimetry
  • Image reconstruction methods

What is health physics?


  • Implementation of high-energy charged particle transport via FLUKA and PHITS Monte Carlo codes
  • Tested miniaturized dosimeter for use in space suite during EVA
  • Completed detector development for Space Station dosimeter
  • Irradiated one cell nucleus in a living organism and found chromosome damage in many other cells
  • Developed and tested new beta-emitting injectable brachytherapy sources for prostate cancer
  • Monte Carlo transport on GPUs
  • Updated controls on microbeam



John Ford

  • Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering
John Ford

Leslie A. Braby

  • Research Professor Emeritus, Nuclear Engineering and Aerospace Engineering
Leslie A. Braby