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Research Themes

  • Massively Parallel Radiation Transport Methods
  • Discretization and Multilevel Solution Techniques
  • Methods for General Polyhedral Meshes
  • Methods for Radiation-Hydrodynamics and Reactor Multiphysics
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • CFD methods for Reactor Flows
  • Machine Learning with Application to CFD and Transport


  • Demonstrated an exponentially-convergent Monte Carlo algorithm for a continuum transport system
  • Developed and implemented a massively-parallel long-characteristic transport method
  • Pioneered adaptive mesh refinement techniques for transport solvers
  • Engineered a tightly coupled multi-physics software platform
  • Devised robust and accurate spherical harmonics methods for time-dependent transport


Marvin L. Adams

  • Professor, Nuclear Engineering
  • Regents Fellow
  • Associate Director, Institute for National Security and Cybersecurity Education & Research
Marvin L. Adams

Jim E. Morel

  • Professor, Nuclear Engineering
  • Director, Center for Large-Scale Scientific Simulations (CLASS)
  • Joint Faculty Appointee, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jim E. Morel

Jean C. Ragusa

  • Professor, Nuclear Engineering
  • Associate Director, Institute for Scientific Computation (ISC)
Jean C. Ragusa