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self driving vehicle
Welcome to The J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University!
Please follow the steps below to submit a request to the Rapid Prototyping Studio. If you have any issues, please visit our studio in JCAIN 421/422, or email and our staff will be happy to help resolve them.

Research Requests

  1. Log into iLabs, and locate the Rapid Prototyping Studio Core. Navigate to the “Request Services” tab, using the tabs at the top left. This link should take you directly to this tab. (If you do not have an iLabs account, you will need to create one before submitting a request.) 
  2. Fill out the “Print Request” form by clicking the button next to it that says “initiate request” 
  3. In the “lab” dropdown, select the research lab your request is for. This lab usually has the name of your PI in the title.
  4. Fill out the print submission form that appears. You will need to select "Research" for print type, upload your .stl file for printing, and indicate material to be used, infill percentage, etc.
  5. Click the button that says “save completed form.”
  6. Select an account number to be charged. If you have no account number assigned to you, your PI will need to grant you access to one. If you have access to multiple accounts, be sure to choose the correct one.
  7. Click the button that says “submit request to core”. You will need to click both to submit your request successfully.
  8. We will review your request, and respond with a quote. This will usually come in the form of an email notification, with a link to your request in iLabs. If you agree to the quote provided, follow the link, and click "Agree".
  9. Your Request will be forwarded to your PI, who will also need to agree to the quoted price. Once the PI has agreed to this cost, we will begin working on your request.

Academic Requests

We are no longer using iLabs for Academic requests. Instead, please fill out the google form linked here.

Follow this link for live order tracking.

Personal Requests

All MEEN students are given an allowance of $12 in materials per semester for personal use. This can be used on any of the machines in the shop. If your request exceeds this limit, you have several options: you can cancel the print, purchase material from our online store or you can also bring in your own material, provided it meets our quality standards for use in our machines. Please fill out the google form linked here to begin a request.

Follow this link for live order tracking.