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If you plan to pursue graduate studies in engineering, the Fast Track program can help you get ahead. It speeds up the process for completing your graduate degree. With Fast Track, you can begin graduate studies during the last semester of your sophomore year and complete your Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in five years.
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How Fast Track Works

Texas A&M University's industrial and systems engineering department has streamlined our program for Fast Track participants by substituting specific graduate courses for selected undergraduate course offerings. Students take these 600-level courses during their junior or senior year, earning graduate credit while fulfilling undergraduate requirements by receiving an A or B in each course. Students take 12 credit hours through the Fast Track program. To balance the academic load, it is recommended that students take only one graduate-level course during any one semester. With approval, students can take an additional course (three hours) through the program for a total of 15 total credit hours. 


  • Reduce the total credit hours of coursework required for the combined bachelor’s and master's degrees.
  • Earn more money in your career. On average, graduates with a master’s degree in industrial engineering earn $20,000 more than those who only hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering.
  • Pay the undergraduate rate for graduate courses while in the Fast Track program (a total savings of approximately $4,000 on average).
  • Earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.
  • Qualify for more job opportunities in higher-level positions.


  • Minimum overall GPR of 3.4 (Texas A&M courses only)
  • Take at least one graduate course per semester beginning the last semester of your sophomore year or first semester of your junior year.
  • After acceptance to the program, commit to the completion of a Master of Engineering (30 credit hours).
  • Receive an A or B in graduate courses to obtain undergraduate course credit. 
  • Transfer students must complete 12 credit hours at Texas A&M University before applying for the Fast Track program.

How to Apply

To participate in the Fast Track program, you need to apply online using a Qualtrics application form.

  • Write a statement of purpose (300-word limit) and upload it to your Fast Track application.
  • Respectfully request one letter of recommendation and upload it with your Fast Track application. This letter must be from one of your industrial and systems engineering undergraduate professors.
  • Upload your most recent curriculum vita (CV) to your Fast Track application. If your CV is not current, please update it before uploading.
  • Start your application to the Industrial and Systems Engineering Fast Track program.

Undergraduate students in the Fast Track Program take the graduate course and automatically obtain credit for the undergraduate course if a grade of A or B is earned in the graduate course. For more information about the program set an appointment with your undergraduate advisor. 

Undergraduate Advising

Fast Track Courses

  • ISEN 320- ISEN 620
  • ISEN 330 - ISEN 630
  • ISEN 340- ISEN 609
  • ISEN 355- ISEN 625
  • ISEN 370 - ISEN 615
  • ISEN 413- ISEN 613
  • ISEN 414- ISEN 616
  • ISEN 440- ISEN 640
  • ISEN 442- ISEN 663
  • ISEN 450- ISEN 650