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MMET Capstone Design

The Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Program’s senior capstone design courses utilize industry-level team projects and professional interaction to equip future engineers with important design, communication and presentation experience. Capstone courses are the culmination of the Texas A&M engineering experience, as seniors apply their four years of classroom knowledge to solve realistic engineering problems. The courses prepare manufacturing and mechanical engineering students to use advanced technology to analyze and design engineering elements and systems according to industry standards. Seniors also make significant professional contacts through design projects with industry participants, frequent guest lecturers, and design contests.

The capstone experience successfully prepares future engineers by bridging the gap between classroom and industry. Students are required to use their knowledge and skills to complete an engineering design project equivalent to the assignments they will soon receive as professional engineers. Students perform the projects in groups, forcing them to develop the skills necessary to succeed in diverse industry design teams. Employers value graduates with capstone design experience because these students have gained broad experience by applying their extensive knowledge base to solve both complex mechanical and manufacturing engineering problems as a team.

A mutually beneficial partnership

The Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Program at Texas A&M is looking for companies that are interested in developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the department. By partnering with us, you will be providing valuable hands-on experience to our graduating seniors while reaping the benefits of the department's research and expertise.


Our capstone senior design course pairs groups of 4-7 students with a corporate sponsor. First, the instructor and project sponsor appropriately scope the project to solve a defined problem. Once the project is assigned, the students propose methods for verifying, analyzing and solving those problems. Over the two-semester capstone experience, students prepare a proposal, provide design reviews, and intermediate reports. The capstone experience culminates in a final presentation containing the students' design, analysis, and recommendations to the company. Throughout this two-semester experience, students are supervised by the course instructor and a faculty mentor from the MMET program.

The Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Program would like to acknowledge and thank our past and current corporate sponsors for their time and effort in support of our capstone undergraduate course sequence. We look forward to continuing the growth of these corporate relationships in addition to establishing new partners for the future.

Capstone Senior Design project sponsors are continuously sought to begin in Fall (Aug – May) and Spring (Jan – Dec) semesters. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor and establishing or continuing your relationship with the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Program here at Texas A&M University, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. We are dedicated to preparing our students for careers and are proud to have this opportunity to partner with highly qualified, respected, and dedicated industry professionals. We look forward to the many successful semesters, graduations and careers to come.

Contact for More Information

Michael Johnson

  • Associate Dean for Inclusion and Faculty Success
  • Professor, Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution,
  • Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology
Michael Johnson