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What is Undergraduate Research?

As an undergraduate student, you have the opportunity to prepare for future jobs or further studies by participating in world-class engineering research projects alongside faculty and graduate students through established programs like the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Undergraduate research connects you with faculty who can help you find career direction or assist you with applying for graduate school fellowships.

Many undergraduate research opportunities are available for academic semesters or for the summer. Plus, with the opportunity to receive money or academic credit, you can find the undergraduate research opportunity that fits your busy schedule and your budget.

How will Undergraduate Research Help Me?

Participating in undergraduate research opportunities will help you:

  • learn about new developments and technologies in the civil and environmental engineering fields and how they will impact your future;
  • get to know a faculty member and his or her graduate students;
  • decide if you would like to continue your studies;
  • decide if a career in research and academia is the right choice for you;
  • have a competitive edge when applying for fellowships or assistantships; and
  • earn either academic credit or extra money!

How Do I Find Research Opportunities?

Ready to research? Contact your faculty advisor or a faculty member in the research area of interest or look below for more resources.

More Research Opportunities

In addition to undergraduate research opportunities with civil and environmental engineering faculty, the department and university also offer several additional opportunities related to undergraduate research: