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Green energy/sustainable environment concept

The Sustainable and Resilient Systems track addresses the critical need to promote the sustainability of the natural and built environment under extreme events (e.g., drought, fire, earthquakes, and floods), climate change (e.g., sea level rise), and socio-economic development and urbanization. Students participating in this track will take courses related to system-level sustainability and resilience across CVEN and other relevant disciplines that fit in the individual student’s backgrounds and area(s) of interest.

Some of Our Research Specialties

  • Hazard risk analysis and mitigation
  • Sustainable energy production systems
  • Low-impact development
  • Sustainable and resilient infrastructure (water, transportation)
  • Air/water quality monitoring systems
  • Resource recovery in natural or engineered systems
  • Integrated modeling for extreme events mitigation
  • Innovative coastal infrastructure for community resilience
  • Coastal restoration and protection

Area faculty and researchers: