Kristen Maitland

Associate Professor

Maitland, K

Office: 5063 ETB
Phone: 979.845.1864

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Research Interests

Dr. Kristen Maitland is an associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on the development of optical instrumentation for improved detection and diagnosis of disease, primarily cancer and bacterial infection.

To improve detection of early cancer, Dr. Maitland’s lab has developed a multi-scale multi-modal optical imaging system currently being evaluated in a clinical trial. Fluorescence lifetime imaging is used for macroscopic guidance, followed by reflectance confocal microscopic detection of cellular changes associated with precancer development. Technical advances focus on miniaturization of the device and increased scanning speed using a tunable focus lens or spectral encoding of depth.

Dr. Maitland is developing optical sensing and imaging technologies to enable rapid diagnosis of bacterial infection, specifically tuberculosis. Optical fibers are used to excite fluorescence of novel near-infrared optical reporters inside the lung to detect and measure levels of bacterial infection. Fluorescence signal can either be detected from outside the body in small animals or through an optical fiber or fiber microendoscope.

Awards & Honors

  • NSF CAREER Award, 2013
  • TEES Select Young Faculty Award, 2013
  • Tenneco Meritorious Teaching Award, 2014
  • Texas A&M Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching, 2014
  • SPIE Senior Member
  • IEEE Senior Member


  • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

Selected Publications

Jabbour JM, Malik BH, Olsovsky C, Cuenca R, Cheng S, Jo JA, Cheng YSL, Wright JM, Maitland KC, “Optical axial scanning in confocal microscopy using an electrically tunable lens,” Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 5, No. 2, 645-652, 2014.

Jabbour J, Cheng S, Malik B, Cuenca R, Jo J, Wright J, Cheng YSL, Maitland KC, “Fluorescence lifetime imaging and reflectance confocal microscopy for multiscale imaging of oral precancer,” Journal of Biomedical Optics, Vol. 18, No. 4, 046012, 2013.

Olsovsky C, Shelton R, Carrasco-Zevallos O, Applegate BE, Maitland KC, “Multi-depth imaging of epithelial tissue using chromatic confocal microscopy,” Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 4, No. 5, 732-740, 2013.

Jabbour JM, Saldua MA, Bixler JN, Maitland KC, “Confocal endomicroscopy: instrumentation and medical applications,” Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 40, No. 2, 378-397, 2012.

Mufti N, Kong Y, Cirillo JD, Maitland KC, “Fiber optic microendoscopy for preclinical study of bacterial infection dynamics,” Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 2, No. 5, 1121-1134, 2011.