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Tyler Neale
Tyler Neale | Image: Tyler Neale

Tyler Neale obtained his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Louisiana Tech University in 2008. While there, he participated in the Texas A&M Undergraduate Summer Research Grant program for two summers, studying under Dr. Helen Reed in her AggieSat program performing structural analyses of small satellite designs. Upon graduation, Neale attended Texas A&M as a master’s student in aerospace engineering under Reed. He was awarded the Department of Defense SMART Scholarship, which supported his studies. While there, he worked with Reed and Dr. William Saric on laminar flow control efforts with NASA and the United States Air Force. After graduation in 2010, Neale was assigned to Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee through the SMART Scholarship Program to serve as a wind tunnel project engineer. After four years of running various wind tunnel tests in the subsonic and supersonic regimes, he was promoted to the High Speed Systems Test (HSST) group in 2014 as a project engineer to work on development efforts to improve test and evaluation capabilities for hypersonic systems. Through his successes in HSST, he took over leadership in 2017 as the executing agent for the entire HSST program, managing over 20 different projects totaling over $30 million annually. While at Arnold, Neale has been awarded the Civilian Scientist/Engineer of the Year Award twice and was recently selected to participate in the Air Force Institute of Technology Test and Evaluation Certificate Program.