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John Slattery

After receiving his bachelor's from Washington University and his doctoral degree from the University of Wisconsin, Dr. John Slattery joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University.  After 30 years at Northwestern, including a stint as Department Chair, in 1989 he came to Texas A&M University in the Department of Chemical Engineering.  In 1999 he was invited to join the Department of Aerospace Engineering. 

He has published three textbooks and more than 140 papers.  His current interest is the role of the second law in mechanics using published experiments, no adjustable parameters and no history matching.  In the context of fluid mechanics with Paul Cizmas and Adonios Karpetis, he has been studying combustion.  In the context of solid mechanics with Paul Cizmas, he has been studying hydraulic fracturing of oil/gas, sandstone reservoirs.  This has spun off into analyses of the catastrophic failures of carbon fiber/epoxy laminates such as those used in aerospace.