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Cody Kelly
Cody Kelly | Image: NASA

Cody Kelly currently serves as the subsystem manager for astronaut post-landing survival and rescue equipment at the NASA Johnson Space Center. This role includes the design, development and operational use of systems for maintaining the health of astronauts following long-duration spaceflight, electronic signaling systems for Department of Defense integrated rescue operations, and the development of ultra-light weight water survival hardware for NASA Orion and Commercial Crew Programs. Kelly additionally serves as the project manager of NASA’s Advanced Next-Generation Emergency Locator (ANGEL) beacon system, the world’s first second-generation 406 Mhz personal locating beacon developed by a joint industry and government team. Kelly was honored by Popular Mechanics Magazine as one of 2017’s Breakthrough Award winners for his work in the civilian and military satellite-aided search and rescue community, as well as NASA’s prestigious Early Career Achievement Medal for enabling joint NASA and military rescue operations. Kelly considers his greatest professional accomplishment to be the building of an intergovernmental cadre of agencies working to ensure engineering development enabling America’s space-based global search and rescue capability. Kelly is the proudest member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2010, graduating from Texas A&M in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering after multiple cooperative education semesters at the Johnson Space Center. He is married to a fellow Aggie, Corene, and a father to a future Aggie, Christian (aerospace engineering class of 2038). Kelly is originally from Bandera, Texas, a small rural town of around 980 people and the son of William and Denice Jenschke.