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Keith Ferris

Flight has changed our perception of the world, and Keith Ferris has changed our perception of the world of aviation in his paintings. During his time as a student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Ferris went to war and never re-enrolled in school. Not able to pursue his lifelong dream of being a pilot, he turned to his other passion, art.  In 1960, Ferris became a member of the Society of Illustrators.  This New York professional artist society brought flying into focus and allowed Ferris to get back to the “excitement and dedication that is the United States Air Force.” Through this program, artists were able to fly missions anywhere in the world in exchange for donating their time and talents - to the art collection.  The Air Force Art Collection now contains over 5,600 paintings and other works donated by more than 900 participating artists.  Ferris has over 21 in the Collection at present.