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Dave Bodden

Dave Bodden graduated in 1976 with a bachelor's in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M University, then joined the Structural Dynamics group at General Dynamics working on static and dynamic aeroelastic analysis of advance aircraft configurations. In 1981, he joined Martin Marietta as a structural dynamics engineer supporting the Assault Breaker missile program.

After completing his MS in engineering science and mechanics from Virginia Tech in 1984, Mr. Bodden rejoined General Dynamics in Fort Worth in the Control Law Design and Analysis Group in the Flight Controls Branch, focusing on application of multi-variable control theory to development of highly decoupled Flight Control control modes for Short Takeoff Vertical Landing (STOVL) Aircraft Configurations. In 1988, acting as Chief Engineer in Advanced Design for STOVL aircraft programs, he focused configuration design and technology development. In 1990, he became Engineering Chief for the Control Law Design and Analysis Group, followed by his selection as Senior Manager of Flight Control/Vehicle Management Systems in 1996. Mr. Bodden became a Technical Fellow in Flight Controls in May of 2002, and then a Senior Fellow of Lockheed Martin in 2007.

Bodden’s notable technical accomplishments include developing the highly augmented task tailored control modes for powered lift flight implemented in the F35B STOVL aircraft, developing the decentralized hierarchical control law architecture with real-time control allocation implemented for the F35, and development of the concept of synthetic redundancy via prognostics which has several patents associated with it.

Bodden has served on the AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Technical Committee, he founded and is a former Chairman of the Lockheed Martin GNC Technology Focus Group, he is a former Chairman of the SAE Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems Committee, and he served on the Texas A&M Aerospace Advisory Board and is a former Chairman of this Board.