What you do your first year sets the tone for your entire college experience, and we want to make sure you’re ready. That's why we put together this helpful guide to prepare you for a successful freshman year. 


With 20 majors to choose from, we don’t ask you to make your decision your first year. Our common first-year curriculum was designed to allow you to explore your options while gaining a foundation in programming and engineering fundamentals that will carry you through your college experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • Computer application design and development
  • Computation
  • Basic software design
  • Intro to engineering majors
  • Career exploration
  • Engineering practice
  • Pathways to success in engineering

After completing specific coursework required for entry-to-a-major (ETAM), which can be as early as your second semester in the College of Engineering, you’ll let us know which majors you're interested in.  Based on capacity, your academic performance, and content in your ETAM application, you’ll be offered admission to your highest ranked major possible. Don’t forget that your general engineering advisors are here to help and guide you through your first year in the College of Engineering.