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Learn more about the materials science and engineering Materials Design Capstone Project to match the opportunity that's right for you.


We are delighted you are considering pursuing graduate studies in Materials Science & Engineering. Applying to graduate school is an important step toward your future – and we’re here to help. To apply to our graduate program, please see below.

Visit EngineeringCAS to Apply

College-Level Graduate Admission Requirements

All graduate engineering applications will be submitted using EngineeringCAS, a centralized application service.

College-Level Graduate Admissions

Deadlines for domestic and international applicants:

Entering Semester Open Close
Fall October 15 January 15
Spring June 15 September 15

*The priority funding deadline applies only to prospective MSEN Domestic Ph.D. students entering in the Fall semester who will be considered for internal competitive fellowship opportunities. The deadline is December 15th.

Fee waiver

All MSEN domestic applicants will automatically receive a partial application fee waiver after completing the residency questions in the EngineeringCas leaving the total application cost to be $65.

Domestic Application Fee: $65

Select international Ph.D. applicants may receive a partial application fee waiver. The process is automated after completing the academic history quadrant of the application. If you receive the waiver the total application cost will be $90.

International Application Fee: $148

Please do not send emails requesting an application fee waiver. MSEN advising has automated this process through the application, and you must initiate the application to review your eligibility. Initiating the application has no cost.

Quick Admit Graduate Program 

This program is only for current TAMU undergraduates; MSEN’s Quick Admit Graduate Program provides an expedited review process for our Master’s programs. MSEN accepts applications from both engineering & science bachelor’s degree programs. Students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in the same department from which they are graduating will be automatically admitted if they have a 3.25 GPA or higher— all others will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Important: You may only apply to one program at no cost.

Deadline: Fall (June 1), Spring (October 1)

Apply to the quick admit graduate program here. 


For Technical Assistance with the application contact EngineeringCAS for support using the application system at 857-304-2048 or

All admissions questions must be directed . Any other correspondence outside of the mentioned email will result in delayed responses. MSEN kindly requests that you do not send duplicate requests. It is not an effective communication method and will not expedite response times. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MSEN Advising is receiving a higher than normal volume of emails. Please allow 5-7 business days for a response before sending a gentle reminder.