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Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule

All MSEN graduate seminars are held at 4:10 p.m. on a Monday unless otherwise noted below :

Please contact the Department of Materials Science and Engineering for more information.

January 25
Sergei V. Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Can (Almost) Unsupervised Artificial Intelligence Learn Chemistry and Physics from Microscopic Observations?

Learn more here.

February 1
Liang Qi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Predicting Properties of Structurally and Chemically Complex Materials using Physics‐informed Statistical Learning

Learn more here.

February 8 
Dr. Tresa Pollock, University of California, Santa Barbara

Development of the TriBeam Tomography Platform and Acquisition of Multimodal 3D Materials Data

Learn more here.

February 15
Dr. Anthony Rollett, Carnegie Mellon University

3D Printing, Synchrotron X‐Ray Experiments and Machine Learning

Learn more here.

February 25
Dr. Jennifer A. Lewis, Harvard University

Printing Soft and Living Matter in Three Dimensions

Learn more here.