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Learn more about the materials science and engineering Materials Design Capstone Project to match the opportunity that's right for you.

MSEN undergraduates interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering should consider the Fast Track program to get ahead. Students approved for the fast track option can take up to 9 credit hours of graduate coursework during their undergraduate degree, shortening their time to earn degrees in Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (MS) or Master of Engineering (MEng) in Material Science and Engineering within five years. Admission to the Fast Track program does not guarantee admission to the full graduate program.

Students should apply to the Fast Track program during the second semester of their junior year, or in their third to last semester.

90 or more credit hours completed
Application deadline Start of Fast-Track coursework
Fall semester
December 1
Spring semester
Spring semester
August 1
Fall semester

: Student completes 90 or more credit hours of coursework during Fall 2020 and anticipates graduating in Spring 2022. Submission deadline is December 1, 2020 to commence fast-track course work in Spring of 2021, or Aug. 1, 2021 to commence Fast Track course work in Fall of 2021.

Students admitted to the Fast Track program will apply to the graduate program for full admission during their final undergraduate year. See the MSEN Graduate Admissions page here for more information about this application process.

Fast Track Course Options

Fast Track students complete “stacked” courses and receive credit for both the graduate course and the undergraduate equivalent. Students taking Fast Track courses must register for and complete the assignments required for the graduate level version of the course and are required to meet any additional standards set by the instructor to receive undergraduate credit through the Fast Track program.

Graduate courses that do not have an undergraduate equivalent can only count toward the graduate degree and cannot be used as undergraduate elective credit.


  • Accelerate the time to completion of a combined master’s and UG degree by up to one semester
  • Participate in graduate-level course work at an earlier point in your academic career
  • Identify research opportunities in your chosen discipline sooner

Requirements (at time of application)

  • Must have at least an overall grade point average of 3.25
  • Senior standing (completion of at least 90 hrs of credit)
  • Must have at least two semesters remaining to participate in the Fast Track Program
  • Be committed to earning MEng or MS degree in Materials Science & Engineering at Texas A&M

How to Enroll?

Students begin this process by visiting the MSEN Undergraduate Advisor to review their progress and explore possibilities for Fast Track. This will normally be done no earlier than the second semester of the junior year in the curriculum. It should be done with at least two semesters remaining.

Please contact undergraduate academic advisor at for application and course options.

Academic Advising

Rebecca Brown

  • Undergraduate Program Advisor
Rebecca Brown

Erin Bandza

  • Academic Advisor IV, Graduate Programs
Erin Bandza