Current Opportunities Available for Summer

Why you should choose our programs:

As an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University, you have the opportunity to join the research groups of faculty members in our department. This page answers common questions about undergraduate research and provides resources to find the research opportunity that's right for you. You do not have to be majoring in materials science and engineering to participate in undergraduate research opportunities in our department.

Getting involved in research can enrich your undergraduate experience in many ways:

  • It lets you put your curiosity and skills to work on a real-world problem.
  • It's a great way to gain professional experience while on campus.
  • It looks great on your resume.
  • You can ask a professor for whom you did research to write you a letter of recommendation for a job or grad school application.
  • You may be eligible for academic credit or monetary compensation.


  • The key prerequisite is availability of time. Consider getting involved in undergraduate research if you think you can commit at least 5-10 hours every week. If you are unsure, talk it over with your academic advisor.
  • In addition to availability of time, some research opportunities may call for specific skills or knowledge, such as computer programming experience or familiarity with wet lab procedures. Such prerequisites are likely to vary depending on the individual research opportunity in question, so it is best to discuss them with the particular faculty member who would supervise the work.

If you have additional questions about undergraduate research in the materials science and engineering department, please email