student researchers with safety glasses on looking at each other while working in a materials research lab

Materials Design Projects

The Materials Science & Engineering Design project is a senior-level two-semester course that allows students to apply principles of Materials Science & Engineering to solve real-world problems. Students work in small teams under the mentorship of industry engineers and faculty members to achieve the goals of the project.

What We Request From Our Sponsors 

  • A challenging project for materials engineers
  • A passionate mentor
  • Financial support ($10,000 for two-semester projects and $5,000 for one semester projects) 

What Sponsors Can Expect

  • Access to a pool of talented future engineers 
  • University-industry collaboration 
  • Projects updates and documentation 
  • Secure proprietary information


Kadri Can Atli
Instructional Associate Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Bill Mansoor
Associate Professor
Department of Materials Science & Engineering