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Learn more about the materials science and engineering Materials Design Capstone Project to match the opportunity that's right for you.

Just as the success of our materials science and engineering graduates enhances the reputation of the department - the reputation of the department enhances the degrees of our graduates.

The department offers Master of Science, Master of Engineering and doctorate degrees and has approximately 200 graduate students currently in the program who are working on a wide range of materials-related interdisciplinary research projects. In 2018, we accepted our first cohort of undergraduate students, and by 2022 our department became ABET certified. In 2024, our undergraduate student enrollment exceeded 200 students.

As part of a state-assisted university, we are very appreciative of the funding provided by the state of Texas. However, as time goes by, that funding becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of the overall budget required to maintain the university (currently about 32%). The university and its departments rely heavily on gifts and endowments to sustain and enhance their programs.

For the Department of Materials Science and Engineering to sustain and enhance its programs, and your degree, we must compete with other universities for the best faculty and the best students. That takes resources.

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Here's how you can help

Make a contribution to ensure a strong future for materials science and engineering at Texas A&M:

  • Scholarships - to recruit the best undergraduates
  • Graduate fellowships - to recruit the best graduate students
  • Professorships - to attract and retain superior faculty

Quality Students + Quality Faculty = Quality Program

College Impact: MSEN Undergraduate Academic Program Excellence Fund

The undergraduate program was approved by the Texas Board of Higher Education in 2017. Scholarships for undergraduate students will be established and awarded by the department’s scholarship committee from this fund each year.

Department Impact: MSEN Excellence Fund

These funds are available for the discretion of the department head to be used for things that enhance the mission of the department, including professional travel for faculty, staff and students; student organization support; and development activities.