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Learn more about the materials science and engineering Materials Design Capstone Project to match the opportunity that's right for you.

Students planning careers in materials science should enjoy computer modeling, building next-generation scientific apparatus for fabrication and testing, and/or performing experiments using a wide range of advanced laboratory equipment. Perseverance, curiosity, and the ability to concentrate on detail and work independently are essential.

The materials science and engineering graduate program at Texas A&M University is an interdisciplinary program of the College of Engineering and the College of Science. Most MSEN graduate students undertake a research assistantship, performing research in their area of interest under the supervision of a professor.

The materials science and engineering Master of Engineering, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs will prepare graduates with an understanding of materials science and engineering through an interdisciplinary program of graduate classes and research. Students gain practical, hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge primarily through research opportunities on campus. Additionally, some students may also complete an internship for further real-world experience.

The program will be structured to provide students with a formal fundamental understanding through a common knowledge core. From this foundation, students will take additional courses from different departments in the College of Science and the College of Engineering to enable them to investigate leading-edge areas of materials research by broadening their technical knowledge base. The formal coursework and research experience will produce materials specialists capable of applying critical thinking and creative problem solving.

A new interdisciplinary graduate degree track, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation IGERT program, started in Fall 2006.