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Building our Future

The Industrial Distribution Program was created and maintained by the industry throughout its history. The program wouldn’t exist without industry support. This support has come in many forms: recruitment, funding for research and knowledge advancement, and perhaps most importantly, through generous gifts and endowments that have enabled the program to grow more rapidly than otherwise possible. These endowments have supported scholarships for students, laboratory developments for educational purposes, faculty development, research, and a multitude of other necessary operational needs. In addition to creating these capabilities, the generosity of industry clearly demonstrates the value of the Industrial Distribution Program. That value translates into support for our students and our faculty at all levels at Texas A&M University. As generous as industry has been to the Industrial Distribution Program, the program’s rapid growth and the increasing sophistication of the distribution industry creates new challenges for maintaining a high level of educational excellence for our students. We want to thank the many generous individuals and corporations who have built this program, and offer through this document opportunities for those who love the Industrial Distribution Program and value its student to continue supporting its development.

Why give?

An endowment fund is the gift that keeps on giving by creating an everlasting source of money to fund facility and program improvements, faculty research projects, and other opportunities within the Industrial Distribution Program as the grantor designates. The principal amount of the endowment fund is invested while part of the earnings are utilized to ensure the longevity of the Industrial Distribution Program and positively impact future students and graduates. The remaining income is reinvested in the fund, helping its value stay ahead of inflation so the endowment will always provide the same benefits as it did when first created.

Program Needs

Legacy Impact

ID BuildingIndustrial Distribution Building: The program needs a large modern facility with classrooms, conference facilities, and research offices to continue its expansion and growth. This building can be named after the sponsor as a brick and mortar symbol of its significance.

Contact our Development Team

Hannah Simonds '17

  • Director of Development, Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution
  • Phone: 979-458-7780
Hannah Simonds '17

Kevin Westerman

  • Senior Director of Planned Giving, College of Engineering
Kevin Westerman