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Information for students seeking to transfer from another school

Transfer applications for undergraduate degrees should be submitted through the Office of Admissions. Visit their website for specific requirements and deadlines.

The computer science and engineering department offers two degrees, each with separate requirements for transfers.

Computer Science (CPSC): Completion of MATH 151 and one science course from the degree requirements plus MATH 152 and an additional science course in progress or completed is recommended for a competitive application. A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and 3.0 GPA in math and science courses is recommended. A carefully formulated essay can have a positive effect if the applicant has unusual circumstances. See the CPSC degree plan's instructions for information on science classes. 

Computer Engineering/CSCE track (CECN): Completion of MATH 151 and PHYS 218 plus MATH 152 and PHYS 208 in progress or completed is recommended for a competitive application. A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and 3.0 GPA in math and science courses is recommended. A carefully formulated essay can have a positive effect if the applicant has unusual circumstances.

Further information for transfer applicants to either degree: It often is advantageous for applicants to have a previous programming class when entering our programs (one year high school or one semester college). These most frequently are courses in Java or C++.  This course is not a requirement for transfer, but does serve as prerequisite for CSCE 121, allowing it to be taken immediately on arrival.

For guidance on course equivalencies with many colleges and universities across the U.S., see the Transfer Course Equivalency website maintained by the university.

The department does accept applications from postbaccalaureate undergraduate applicants.  The evaluation criteria used are similar to those used for other transfer applicants, and focus particularly on math and science classes.

General information for transfers into the College of Engineering can be found on the college's transfer student webpage.

Please note: due to increased demand, we have extremely limited space available for transfer students at present. We have only been able to accept about 10% to 15% of the applicants in the past several semesters. Successful applicants from community colleges have generally had GPAs of 3.7 and above. We have not been able to waive our recommended math and science coursework for applicants to either major.

Because of limited capacity, we will only be accepting a few applications in fall 2017 for spring 2018 entry -- well below the percentage accepted in previous semesters. Applicants should plan to apply instead (or in addition) for a later semester.

The department evaluates all components of the application, and consequently is not able to guarantee admission with any level of achievement.  For example, we often get questions asking if a particular GPA is sufficient to guarantee admission or if a particular set of classes means a student will get admitted; we are unable to provide these assessments.

Information for students transferring within Texas A&M 

Students wishing to transfer into our majors should call the advising office at 979-845-4087 to make an appointment with an advisor. Although University rules prohibit transfer of students in their first semester at Texas A&M University, we encourage students to see us during that semester to discuss requirements.  We review candidates individually and holistically, looking especially for good academic performance particularly in math and science classes.  Generally, students with GPAs below 2.5 are not competitive.  This is a minimum standard; a higher GPA will generally be required for successful transfer.

Applicants for transfer within Texas A&M University should have completed coursework consistent with the college's entry-to-a-major requirements for general engineering students.  For CPSC, the requirement will include credit on the transcript for CSCE 121 or 111, MATH 151 (with 152 in progress), and a science class from the degree requirements (with the second in progress).  For CECN, the requirements will include credit on the transcript for MATH 151 and PHYS 218 with MATH 152 and PHYS 208 in progress.

Transfers into either computer science or computer engineering/CSCE track should review the specific information associated with the relevant degree plan to make sure that courses taken will be usable (see the  undergraduate program webpage). Note that our degrees do not accept all core curriculum options in the following areas: Mathematics; Life and Physical Sciences; Communication; and Language, Philosophy and Culture. Students should exercise caution in selecting these classes to make sure that their choices meet both the requirements of the current major and the desired major.

The application for change of curriculum from other majors at Texas A&M will be made available on the department's main advising web page. Applications will be opened around the middle of the semester and will be due about a month before the end of the semester. Many decisions will not be announced until after the semester's grades have been recorded.

Please note:  in recent semesters, GPAs below 3.0 have not been competitive.