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What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering is the profession that makes civilization possible. Projects can affect where we live, work and play and impacts countless lives. The Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is committed to preparing students to be future professional leaders.

What do civil engineers do?

Civil engineers design and build infrastructure, and create safer materials, energy efficiencies and urban renewals. They build the future, and our world, by being problem solvers and civic-minded.

Where do civil engineers work?

A bachelor's degree in civil engineering provides opportunities in private industry, consulting firms and governmental agencies. Your workplace may be a design office or a construction site.

Why study civil engineering at Texas A&M?

The department offers nine areas of specialization, ranging from structural engineering to transportation engineering to water resources engineering, plus a general civil engineering plan.

Our well-rounded undergraduate and graduate programs equip our students with the skills and tools necessary to succeed in the ever-changing and increasingly competitive workforce. Aggie civil engineers are highly sought after by all facets of the civil engineering industry and throughout the public and private sectors. This focus on academic excellence that makes our civil engineering program one of the most recognizable and respected programs in the country.

Degrees Offered

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