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Texas A&M University's civil and environmental engineering degree program within the department has nine areas of specialty students can focus on. Graduate students have the opportunity to select from eight areas of specialty, with the exception of the general civil engineering specialty.

Each area covers a different aspect of civil engineering that can be found in today's society. The general civil engineering, open only to undergraduate students, is for the student who wants a wide scope of civil engineering education when graduating without a specific focus in any one area.

Our environmental engineering degree program has a specific focus on the protection of public and environmental health by solving environmental challenges and is multidisciplinary in every approach, melding earth science, life science, chemistry, social science, and engineering. The program provides the tools for you to develop solutions to solve emerging and existing issues such as water treatment, climate change, and other environmental challenges.

To see an overview of our bachelor of science degree program coursework, visit the Texas A&M University catalog.