• Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Director, Research, Biomedical Engineering
  • Stewart & Stevenson Professor I
Duncan J. Maitland

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University – 1995

Research Interests

  • Dr. Duncan J. Maitland is the Stewart & Stevenson Professor I in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Maitland’s research focuses on novel treatments of cardiovascular disease with a focus on stroke. His research projects include endovascular interventional devices, microactuators, optical therapeutic devices and basic device-body interactions/physics including computational and experimental techniques. He is commercializing vascular embolic devices through a company that he founded, Shape Memory Therapeutics, Inc.

    The Biomedical Device Laboratory at Texas A&M, headed by Maitland, develops a number of interventional devices including those based on SMPs. Research and development efforts include device fabrication, characterization, computational modeling, biocompatibility and functional in vivo studies.