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Q. How can I contact an advisor?

Our academic advisor information page lists the contact information for all of our advisors.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to see an advisor?

To meet with an undergraduate advisor, please schedule an appointment through Navigate (through the Howdy portal or the app). To meet with a graduate advisor, please schedule an appointment through the SWAN appointment portal.

Q. How do I know what classes to take each semester?

Follow your degree plan for your respective catalog.

Q. Where can I find course descriptions and prerequisites?

In the University Catalog, which can be viewed online at

Q. When I look at class times, what does TR mean?

T=Tuesday and R=Thursday.

Q.  How do I know  which UCC classes will double count for credit?

UCC classes can double count for credit if they are cross-listed under International and Cultural Diversity and another UCC category such as Social and Behavioral Sciences, Creative Arts, or American History. 

  • Ex 1:  ARTS 150 - listed under International and Cultural Diversity AND Visual and Performing Arts - will double count.
  • Ex 2: POLS 207 - listed under Social and Behavioral Sciences AND U.S. History and Political Science - will NOT double count.

Remember one of the categories must be International and Cultural Diversity!

Q. What kind of calculator do I need?

Any scientific calculator is OK for freshman.

Q. Where do I send my transcript or how do I order a transcript from Texas A&M?

Q. I took some courses at another college or University. How do I get the credit transferred to A&M?

Request that your official transcripts from the other college or university be sent to the A&M Office of the Registrar. For more information, see

Q. How and when do I order books?

Textbooks may be purchased or reserved while you are on campus during your New Student Conference. Please visit the MSC Bookstore's table at Resource Tables during your New Student Conference to obtain a textbook reservation form or reserve on-line.

Q. How do I declare or get rid of a minor?

You may contact the AERO UG advising office to add a minor in Math or Business. You must speak with the respective department and receive written approval to add any other minors. Texas A&M Students can declare up to two minors.

Q. How can I get "forced" into a class in the AERO department?

Undergraduate advisors will send out force information via the listserv.

Q. How can I get "forced" into a class in another department on campus?

Contact the respective department directly.

Q. How do I accept AP credits?

You must accept any AP credits before applying for graduation. You can accept AP credits in Howdy. For all other courses, you should accept AP credit only if it will substitute for something on your degree plan. You cannot go back and deny acceptance of AP credit once you accept it. Students can select the "Credit by Examination" link in Howdy in the Grades and Transcripts channel on the My Record tab. You will be taken to a screen that informs you of the exams awaiting a course credit decision. You will be advised you must consult your Advisor prior to accepting credit. Once an eligible exam is selected, you will see for which TAMU courses you can be awarded credit. When you select a course for credit, you will be instructed the decision cannot be reversed, per TAMU Student Rule 8.4. Any questions regarding testing and acceptance of credit should be directed to Testing Services at

Q. Who processes Q-drops?

The AERO Undergraduate Advising Office. Forms submitted to the advising office after the deadline will not be processed.

Q. What if I want to dispute a grade?

Q. What is the Residency Requirement?

University regulations require that every student must complete 36 hours of 300-400 level coursework in residence at Texas A&M to complete a baccalaureate degree; 12 of those hours must be in the major.

Q. How does pre-registration work?

Go to the Howdy Portal, click the tab for the current semester, click on 'Registration' and your sign-up time will be listed. During your assigned registration period, you may register for a maximum of 17 hours for the fall and spring semesters and 6 hours for each summer term. If you miss or do not complete your pre-registration during your assigned 48 hours, you will have to wait for open registration. During open registration, you may register for a maximum of 19 hours for fall and spring.

Q. How do I know if a course at another institution is an equivalent to an A&M course?

Use the Texas Common Course Numbering System. to see if your courses are comparable to those at A&M, or use the Texas A&M Transfer Course Equivalency. web site. In Howdy under you My Record tab there is a box titled Degree Evaluation. You can access the Transfer Course Equivalency tool here.

Q. What are student rules regarding grading?

Q. Where can I find information on the excess credit hour rule?

Q. What is Bring Your Own Device?

Find information on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), please visit the BYOD page.

Q. How do I apply for graduation?

Go to the  Howdy Portal. Under the 'My Record' tab, select the 'Application for Graduation' link in the Degree Evaluation channel.