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Pre-registration starts in November for the spring semester and in April for the summer and fall semesters.   Be sure to check for registration holds/blocks before your registration time starts to avoid any delays in your registration. Your registration time is posted in your HOWDY portal. 

LSA Agreement

If you will be taking a lab course, you will need to complete the Lab Safety Agreement before HOWDY will let you sign up for the course. Remember the LSA is located in your HOWDY portal under the My Schedule box. You need to complete a Lab Safety Agreement every semester.

Getting a prerequisite error?

You will not be allowed to register for courses if you do not meet the prerequisites of those courses either by having a completed grade or being currently registered in the prerequisite course. Issues will arise for students who have transferred courses to A&M or who plan to take summer courses. These issues will mainly be with Math courses that do not directly transfer over to A&M - most common will be MATH 251 and MATH 308.

If you run into this problem with an AERO course email me your name, UIN and the CRN of the course you want to sign up for, and I will override the prerequisites set on the AERO courses only.

AERO Force Request

If an AERO course is full...Don't Panic! Remember, we can only force you into AERO courses. Advisors will send out force information via the listserv.

Important Course Updates and Announcements 

AERO 452 and AERO 302 are now be offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

AERO 472 is now be offered in the fall semesters.

Remember that some courses are fall and spring only.

Fall Only

AERO 423

Spring Only

MATH 401