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Texas A&M University undergraduate aerospace engineering (AERO) students have several resources available to help them in searching for jobs after graduation. Consider taking advantage of some of the following resources:
  • Attend the fall and spring career fair hosted by the Student Engineers' Council.
  • Develop and maintain a resume (many of the activities listed herein serve as resume builders). 
  • Get involved in AERO-related student organizations and College of Engineering activities. Seek leadership positions within these organizations.
  • Join the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and attend AIAA Student Chapter events, which often include presentations from industry.
  • Attend semi-annual Capstone Design Reviews and use the opportunity to chat with industry representatives.
  • Visit Texas A&M's Career Center and utilize its resources and services to help you with the job search process.
  • Participate in internship and co-operative education (co-op) opportunities with industry and government.
  • Read and review AIAA material (online and magazines) and visit trade publications such as Aviation Week and online news for aerospace industry awareness.
  • Read notices from the AERO advising office (email distribution via listserv). These messages often contain job announcements from industry and government-related meetings.
  • Attend AERO town halls and department outreach activities.
  • Seek meetings with faculty members to learn about their experiences. 
  • Participate in research, summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates and Study Abroad.
  • Seek relevant summer employment opportunities within engineering. 
  • Become aware of our aerospace history and community, industry and government.
  • Consider furthering your education and development through graduate school (engineering or other professions).