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About the Program

The Texas A&M University College of Engineering offers an online Master of Engineering in nuclear engineering degree, which delivers the same quality and outcomes as the on-campus program. All distance learning students take the same classes, have the same faculty and complete the same course work and exams as those on campus.

A student holding a Bachelor of Science in engineering, or a qualified senior during the last semester, may apply for admission to graduate studies to work toward the non-thesis degree of Master of Engineering (MENG), majoring in their particular field of nuclear engineering. 

Master of Engineering program degree plans consist of nuclear engineering and College of Engineering courses with the total credit hour minimum set at 30 hours. Some examples are provided for nuclear engineering and nuclear materials options. The actual degree plans are developed and decided by a student’s advisor and advisory committee members.

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How to Apply

All graduate engineering applications will be submitted using EngineeringCAS, a centralized application service.

College-Level Graduate Admissions


For more information about our online Master of Engineering in nuclear engineering degree, contact:

Heather Haliburton Janke

  • Graduate Advisor
  • Office: M202B AI Engineering Building
  • Phone: 979-458-2072
  • Email:
Heather Haliburton Janke