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EPM OpenHours is a one hour free project management consultation service for Texas A&M students, student organizations, and faculty provided by a group of trained volunteer consultants. During the consultation you will be able to discuss your project, learn about the key challenges, and get advice on how to manage it.

What are the typical activities that one can use OpenHours consultants? Whenever you deal with activities that are temporary in nature, where there are clearly defined objectives (i.e. why are you trying to do what you are trying to do), and the commitment of resources including yours as well as the time of others, you deal with projects. During your stay at Texas A&M University, you will be involved in a number of projects. Some are listed below.

Capstone design class and other group-term projects. In your senior year, you will be working on a design-type project with fellow students. It is typically a semester-long project (in some cases two) that involves full understanding of your responsibilities and what is expected from the final product. EPM OpenHours can provide assistance in developing a design project management framework, developing requirements and specifications, as well as estimating the time commitments and developing workable schedules.

Research, thesis, and dissertation. Many students go through the process of writing thesis, dissertation, and research reports without realizing that these are in fact projects that require systematic planning and careful execution. PM OpenHours can provide support in developing a better understanding of what should be the features of your written product, how to breakdown the scope into manageable task and allocate time.

Projects and student-led organizations. Texas A&M University is proud to have the largest number of student-led organizations among all the U.S.-based universities. This represents a unique opportunity for students to experience organizational issues or project-based teamwork. Whether you plan a community outreach such as Big Event, fundraising, or entrepreneurship project, EPM OpenHours can help you implement the key project management principles to assure that the project concludes with a success.