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Our growing department currently has a total of 241 students enrolled as of Fall 2021. 

#241 total enrollment Preliminary, Fall 2021

Preliminary student enrollment as of Fall 2021

64 total faculty

Faculty researchers on staff from 2020-2021

Student Enrollment

Enrollment (Fall 2021)*
Student Level Number of Students
Bachelor's 171
Master's 15
Doctoral 55
Total Enrollment 241
Source: Texas A&M University Data and Research Services
*Enrollment numbers are preliminary from the 5th day of class.

Degrees Awarded

Degrees Awarded (Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Summer 2021)*
Degree Level Number of Degrees Awarded
Bachelor's 9
Master's 6
Doctoral 6
Total Degrees Awarded 21
Source: Texas A&M University Data and Research Services
*Degrees Awarded numbers are preliminary from 5 th day of class. 


With a high-quality student body and outstanding faculty, the department is well poised to achieve its mission. Some indicators of our faculty recognition include:

  • 21 primary faculty
  • 3 courtesy/director-level faculty 
  • 40 affiliate faculty