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What are the differences between the minor and the certificate in Engineering Project Management (EPM)?

The minor provides Texas A&M students an opportunity to engage in engineering project management topics concurrent with their declared major. The minor in EPM is different than other minors as it is not discipline-specific; rather it is a carefully designed multi-disciplinary study that includes project-based experiences that traverses business, leadership, and engineering. The minor consists of 16 credit-hours and appears on your transcript. In contrast, the requirement for the certificate is 12 credit-hours and upon completion of the coursework the student receives a physical certificate. The College of Engineering offered enrollment into the EPM Certificate between fall 2006 and summer 2016. Students enrolled in the certificate before the start of the fall 2016 semester are eligible to receive the certificate, or they may switch to the minor and meet those requirements. TAMU students are able declare a minor in engineering project management starting fall Semester 2016.

How do I declare the Engineering Project Management Minor?

Students can declare the minor with the registrar's office via their department-level advisors.

What are the requirements for the Engineering Project management?

Requirements for the minor are published in the undergraduate catalog. Students must take the two core courses ENGR 333 and 380, as well as courses from the appropriate categories.

I cannot register for the approved course, can I take a different course?

This is decided on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get credit for ENGR 485?

To get the credits for ENGR 485, you need to contact ENGR 485 advisors - Dr. Damnjanovic, or Dr. Walewski to schedule a meeting to discuss the following: A) your previous and future project-based experience, B) scope of the work and C) plan to complete the work within one semester.

To get the credits, do I have to register for ENGR 485 before I start an internship or project?

No. You can register even when internship/project was previously completed. You will need to meet with the ENGR 485 advisors - Dr. Damnjanovic, or Dr. Walewski, to discuss the process and deliverables.

Is a project management-related internship required for the minor?

No. Internships are encouraged but not required. The requirements section of the minor includes a section entitled Project Experience as Directed Studies for 0-3 semester credit-hours. You can meet the 16 hour requirement for the minor without having to take ENGR 485 or ENGR 491.

When is ENGR 333 - Engineering Project Management offered?

ENGR 333 is offered twice a year; in fall and spring semesters.

When is ENGR 380 - Seminar in Engineering Project Management offered?

Currently, ENGR 380 is offered only, in the spring semester.

What is the status of the Engineering Project Management certificate?

The EPM certificate program stopped accepting new applications at the end of the summer 2016 semester. If you enrolled in the certificate prior to fall 2016, you will be allowed to complete the certificate program following the set requirements.

I am currently enrolled in the certificate, can I switch to the minor?

Yes. You can switch be declaring a minor with the advisors in your department. The core and technical elective courses that you took while enrolled in the certificate will also count towards the minor.

I have submitted the certificate application before the beginning of fall 2016 semester, am I enrolled in the program?

Yes. All students that have submitted the application before the beginning of fall 2016 semester are considered enrolled in the program.

Does project management coursework at TAMU count toward the process to become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI)?

The coursework at TAMU counts towards PMI course requirements to sit for the PMP designation exam. However, the certificate in EPM from Texas A&M, is not equivalent to PMP certification from the PMI.

Whom do I contact if I have further questions about the program?

If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to contact Dr. Damnjanovic or Dr. Walewski. Questions related to ENGR 333 and ENGR 380 should be directed to the course instructor listed on HOWDY. Questions related to administration of the EPM certificate should be directed to Kim Moses.