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The Engineering Project Management minor provides a fundamental understanding of project management theory and helps students understand the roles and responsibility of the engineering project manager. The minor provides a broad understanding of complex engineering projects, project organizations, and project management methods. Students completing the minor will be able to work effectively on multidisciplinary engineering projects and advance within the project management organization and profession. The management of projects entails technical knowledge, engineering skills, and management skills.


To earn the minor in Engineering Project Management, a student must complete a total of 16 semester credit-hours that include prerequisite introductory core courses (ENGR 333 and ENGR 380) and courses selected from the following 4 categories:

  1. Business management and leadership. The courses listed under this category provide required skills to understand the key management principles and provide leadership in project planning and execution.
  2. Project economics, analysis, and decisions. The courses listed under this category provide advanced understanding of the analytical tools required to support project planning and execution.
  3. Application of project management tools. The courses listed under this category provide examples of the application of project management principles.
  4. Project experience as directed studies. The courses listed under this category provide practical experience in managing projects via internships, campus or community-based engagements, or research. Students should be able to receive credit via ENGR 485 for documenting their project experience.

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