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Students working on a project in a laboratory

The Texas A&M University College of Engineering's Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering (MTDE) lets students pave their own way in their academic careers. We offer innovative options for students who want to specialize in a non-traditional engineering field or to study a blend of engineering disciplines. Some of our specializations prepare students for new and emerging career fields. You could be one of the first trained in exciting new areas of expertise needed in our industry.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering's undergraduate and graduate programs is to: 

  • Utilize the strength of the College of Engineering’s core discipline departments to ensure graduates have strong technical skills appropriate for the engineering practice.
  • Provide a vehicle for innovation in both engineering curriculum design and pedagogy, including active classroom techniques.
  • Offer customizable opportunities for regional and/or underserved populations.
  • Provide a means for students to have an multidisciplinary educational experience, including non-engineering disciplines.
  • Support access for students to develop knowledge and skills in emerging and even not-yet-existing fields.
  • Prepare leaders and engineers who exhibit a dedication to lifelong learning, professional and ethical behaviors, sensitivity to global and cultural awareness and impact, and serving as agents of positive change.