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Braden Beasley

Braden Beasley - senior

Major: Architectural engineering
Minor: Analysis, design and management of energy conservation systems
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

What is your career goal? My career goal is to eventually work for a consulting company in Dallas. Whether it's with a financial firm or an engineering firm, I want to be able to work face-to-face with clients and have that social aspect. I interned at an M.E.P. firm in Dallas this past summer and really enjoyed learning from them. Another goal of mine is to acquire my Professional Engineer license in mechanical engineering. 

What advice would you give someone considering interdisciplinary engineering? I would definitely say come into the office and talk to one of us! We have had plenty of time and experience in this major, and if we can't help with what you are looking for, then we can definitely point you in the direction of someone who can. It's a great opportunity to create your own plan and the advisors are always willing to work with you to get whatever you need. Since it's small, everyone knows each other and are always willing to help anyone.

Miqdaad Bhuriwala

Miqdaad Bhuriwala - senior

Major: Architectural engineering
Hometown: Cypress

What is your career goal? I want to work as a city planner and design sustainable cities.

What advice would you give someone considering interdisciplinary engineering? Use this degree as best as you can to tailor fit your professional goals as well as your passions. 

Astrid Doennem

Astrid Bjoern Doennem - junior

Major: Architectural engineering
Hometown: Norway

How did your choose your major? Architectural engineering was a natural choice considering my interest for building design. I originally started Texas A&M thinking I wanted to do civil engineering, but I soon realized that architectural engineering would equip me with a skill set more specific to buildings.

What organizations are you involved with? Freshmen Reaching Excellence in Engineering (F.R.E.E.), The Zachry Leadership Program, Maggies, Fish Camp, and of course, the ITDE Ambassador and Mentorship program.

Garrett Kettler

Garrett Kettler - junior

Major: Interdisciplinary engineering
Minor: Design and simulation of mechanical systems minor
Certificate program:
Concept, Creation and Commercialization Certificate
Dickinson, Texas

How did your choose your major? Coming into college, I wasn't aware of the Interdisciplinary Engineering program. I thought the best route was to get a mechanical engineering degree, then pursue a business master's degree. While my career goals haven't changed, and I still plan to pursue a business master's, interdisciplinary engineering has allowed me to incorporate entrepreneurship into my undergraduate degree and tailor my coursework to better prepare me for my future.

What organizations are you involved with? I am the Sustainability and Education Officer for Howdy Farm, a farming and gardening organization here on campus. I lead a startup in Engineering Inc., which is the startup incubator in the College of Engineering. I am an Engineering Honors student, and I occasionally help with entrepreneurship events under the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship. Lastly, I am a member of Revelation Outdoors, which is an organization that seeks to build Christ-centered relationships through a common love and passion for the outdoors.