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Semester 1 (Fall)

Course Name Credits
ENGR 630 - Subsea Fundamentals 3 hrs
ENGR 681 - Subsea Seminar 1 hrs
SURF course 3 hr
Technical Elective 3 hrs

Semester 2 (Spring)

Course Name Credits
ENGR 632 - Subsea Project Implementation 3 hrs
ENGR 681 - Subsea Seminar 1 hr
Subsea Technical Elective 3 hrs
SURF course 3 hrs

Semester 3 (Fall)

Course Name Credits
Internship or work experience project paper 1 hr
Subsea Technical Elective 3 hrs
Technical Elective (x2) 6 hrs

In rare occasions, up to 3 hours of graduate coursework not previously applied towards another degree may be considered for transfer credit contingent upon grade earned and approval from the program administrators. Evaluation of such coursework will occur on a case-by-case basis no later than a student’s last semester in the program.

Masters of Engineering in Engineering - Subsea


Angie Dunn

  • Program Specialist IV, Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Interim Graduate Advisor - Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering
Angie Dunn