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The Master of Engineering in engineering for transportation professionals is an online degree designed for those in management positions or who desire to progress into management positions. This degree will provide these transportation professionals with the knowledge and skills to become better managers or launch their management careers.

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Students will engage in this program as part of a two-year cohort. The degree's core is an array of courses in non-technical areas that are not taught as part of Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degrees.

Knowledge and Skills

Upon completion of this degree program, participants will have a better understanding of and develop skills to:

  • Function as leaders within their organizations.
  • Navigate complicated regulatory and legal issues in the transportation area.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, both within and outside of their organizations, especially those who are non-technical decision-makers.
  • Manage workflows and decision-making processes.
  • Manage the relationship between the environment and transportation projects, including the environmental costs and benefits.
  • Determine returns on investment and the prioritization of projects.
  • Analyze and select new technologies for applications in the transportation system.
  • Develop transportation policy.
  • Use innovative financing practices. 

Program Structure

A fixed schedule of 10 courses is required to complete the degree. The degree culminates the second academic year with Capstone Project courses. In Capstone Project courses, students will apply principles from the core courses to a project within their work environment. 

Each new cohort will begin in the fall semester, taking two core courses per semester, with one course during the summer semester and the additional capstone courses in the second academic year. Students will graduate in the spring semester of the second year.

*Specific multidisciplinary engineering (MTDE) courses are also required. Please meet with your advisor to discuss this further.

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For more information about the Master of Engineering in engineering for transportation professionals, please contact:

Kelly Brumbelow

  • Associate Professor and Associate Department Head, Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kelly Brumbelow