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Learn more about the materials science and engineering Materials Design Capstone Project to match the opportunity that's right for you.
Group photo of MSEN Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are here to help

The Materials Science and Engineering Student Ambassadors are available to answer questions regarding materials science and engineering at Texas A&M University, the profession, class and scheduling advice, study-abroad, internships, co-ops, student organizations, transferring to the department, and the general engineering entry to a major process, among other things.

Our Vision

  • To increase student enrollment in the department through departmental ambassadors (selected students)
  • To increase visibility of the department by supporting the professional development of departmental representatives (all students)

Steps to Achieve Our Vision

  • Departmental Ambassadors
    • Outstanding students speaking on behalf of the department to recruit students at events
  • Departmental Information (DI) Saturday
  • Departmental Representatives
    • Offer professional development workshops for:
      • Resume formatting
      • Interview skills
      • Leadership and teamwork retreats
      • Formal communication (email and phone)

How Can You Help?

  • Need volunteered time, input, and sponsorship for:
    • Resume reviews
    • Mock interviews
    • Leadership skills

2023 MSEN Ambassadors

  • Phillip Starnes (President)

  • Taylor Grace Foster (Vice President)

  • Hudson Legendre (Secretary)

  • Anna Woodruff (Treasurer)

  • Mia Stertzer (Media Manager)

  • Abbey Fossati

  • Alexander Saggi

  • Audrey Cook

  • Colton Brietzke

  • Jackson Martin

  • Jakob Nielsen

  • Joey Leal

  • Johanna Gunther

  • Jose Cortes

  • Kaylee Breining

  • Leopoldo Toro

  • Lindsey Ford

  • Mason Pfeifer

  • Matthew Betz

  • Meera Trikur

  • Molly Gray

  • Sara West

  • Seo Bae

  • Wyatt Hodges