• Associate Professor, Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution and Mechanical Engineering,
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology
Kiju Lee profile image

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University – 2008
  • M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University – 2006
  • B.S.E., Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chung-Ang University – 2002

Research Interests

    • Robotics
    • Swarm Intelligence
    • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Novel Mechanism Design
    • Tangible Serious Games 

Awards & Honors

  • 2022 Engineering Genesis Award, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
  • 2021 Charlotte & Walter Buchanan Faculty Fellow, ETID, Texas A&M University

Selected Publications

  • X. Cheng, G.C. Gilmore, A.J. Lerner, and K. Lee (2023), “e-Cube: Computerized Block Games for Automated Cognitive Assessment,” JMIR Serious Games
  • C. Zheng, S. Sane, K-N. Lee, V. Kalyanram, and K. Lee (2022), “α-WaLTR: Adaptive Wheel-and-Leg Transformable Robot for Versatile Multi-Terrain Locomotion,” IEEE Transaction on Robotics.
  • K. Lee, V. Kalyanram, C. Zheng, S. Sane, and K. Lee, “Vision-based Ascending Staircase Detection with Interpretable Classification Model for Stair Climbing Robots,” IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 23-27, 2022, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • X. Liu, X. Cheng, and K. Lee (2021). “Facial Emotion Recognition based on Geometric Facial Features and GA-SVM-based Classification,” IEEE Sensors – Special Issue on Machine Vision of Automated Systems
  • K. Lee, Y. Wang, and C. Zheng (2020). “TWISTER Hand: Soft Robotic Hand based on Origami-Inspired Mechanism,” IEEE Transaction on Robotics